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About us

At the end of the 90s, when Argentina began to position itself as one of the most important countries in pharmacological clinical research, this activity began in the Quilmes Model Sanatorium, in the Cardiology and Coronary Unit service, in the conviction that it was the way, to be participants in the development of the different drugs that would make up the therapeutic armamentarium in the cardiology of the future and not mere spectators of these advances.

Drs. Adrian Hrabar and Alberto Fernandez, along with a group of young cardiologists and the SMQ Cardiology residency were the founding group of this activity.

The first studies were developed in the context of hospitalization, covering the different cardiovascular pathologies, being participants in the important advance that drug treatment experienced during those years, with a clear impact on the prognosis and evolution of patients during this critical stage. It is noteworthy that the vast majority of drugs that are currently used in our usual practice, paraded through the research area of the sanatorium.

In April 2007, initially through a strategic alliance with the ECLA group (Latin American Cardiology Studies), it was decided to create the Quilmes Clinical Research Institute, for the study of patients with cardio and metabolic diseases, in the field of outpatient, continuing in the case of the inpatient in the SMQ research area

With more than 2000 patients evaluated and about 100 studies developed, our research group is one of the oldest and with the most experience in the country.

In recent years, other highly qualified groups of specialists with extensive experience have joined the IICQ, who have expanded the research areas to rheumatological diseases, oncology, clinical-medicine, infectology, gastroenterology and pulmonology.

Convinced of the need for qualitative growth in the research process, the “CEIBA” institutional ethics committee joined the IICQ, which undoubtedly ranks our center.

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I respect


To be an organization of excellence in clinical research.

Working with honesty and respect for people and the environment.


Promote research and knowledge development to improve people's quality of life.


Medical Directors

Dr. Adrián D. Hrabar

Dr. Alberto A. Fernández

Administrative Director

Cr. Diego Casalá

Studies Coordination Area

Lic. Jorgelina B. Casalá (Head)
Mrs. Luciana M. Montoya
Ms. Gabriela Rivarola
Mrs. Eugenia Sapoznik

Laboratory Area

Tec. Julieta Curti

Pharmacy Area

Ms. Delia Vilches
Mrs. Mayra Melo

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