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Quilmes will provide volunteers to test the German CureVac vaccine

El Sol Digital Newspaper

Wed 03 Feb

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The Quilmes Clinical Research Institute will participate in the trials in Argentina that the German company Bayer will initiate for the application of the CureVac vaccine.

The IICQ and the Hospital Evita Pueblo de Berazategui will be part of the investigation by Dr. Juan Marini, former director of the High Complexity Hospital El Cruce, of Florencio Varela.

To carry out the development of the vaccine, both the German government and the European Economic Community contribute to its promotion and financing. And in coordination with the Secretary of Health of the Nation and the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires, the agreement was finalized for the Phase 3 test of the drug, which will also be tested in the province of Santa Fe.

There are five confirmed health centers where the trials will be carried out: the Hospital Evita Pueblo de Berazategui; the Quilmes Clinical Research Institute; the Professor Ramón Carrillo Hospital in Ciudadela; the Hospital Vicente López and Planes de General Rodríguez and the Sanatorio Parque de Rosario.

The Berazategui Hospital will function as the head of the testing stage in Argentina, that is, it will centralize studies and results.

At the biopharmaceutical company CureVac, they expect about 5,000 volunteers to register to participate in the study, which will demonstrate the efficacy of the vaccine in preventing Covid-19.

Of these five thousand, some 1,300 will do so in the Evita Pueblo, according to the Berazateguense mayor Juan José Mussi.

Other countries will also participate in the trial, including Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Dr. Marini acknowledged that “there is not enough production capacity to provide the world population with a vaccine in the short term and thus stop the pandemic. It is of great help that healthy Argentines aged 18 years and over participate in this study. Everyone's help is crucial ”.

The tests of the new coronavirus vaccine have to be approved by the Anmat and will last about 13 months.


The Instituto de Investigaciones Clínicas Quilmes SRL is an institution dedicated exclusively to conducting outpatient clinical studies, in phase II, III and IV. With a vast experience of the staff in cardiological, rheumatological, oncological and diabetes studies.


Quilmes clinical research center joins a new vaccine study

South perspective.

Monday 01 Feb

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The start of a clinical trial of a German vaccine in Argentina and other countries around the world is imminent. They will summon neighbors who want to be volunteers soon.

The Quilmes Clinical Research Institute is about to start the study of a German vaccine against COVID-19, within the framework of global research carried out by the CureVac laboratory in Germany. They hope to gather 8,000 volunteers in Argentina, out of a total of 32,000 in the world, to test this vaccine in its phase 3, before it can be mass-produced.

In dialogue with PERSPECTIVA SUR, cardiologist Adrián Hrabar, who directs the research in Quilmes, explained that they await the imminent authorization of the national and provincial governments to begin research on volunteers.

- The Quilmes Clinical Research Institute is developing several investigations on different ills. Are you investigating the coronavirus?

"The Institute for more than 10 years has been dedicated to pharmacological clinical research, that is, the effects produced by new drugs on different types of patients, especially in the cardiometabolic and rheumatological areas, as well as other specialties".

“With regard to the coronavirus, we are proud to have been invited to participate in a phase 3 trial of a vaccine that is produced in Germany by the company CureVac. This biotech company joined Bayer at the end of last year. "

-What does this investigation consist of?

“This trial is going to test a messenger RNA-based vaccine against placebo. The idea is that 8 thousand volunteers meet in Argentina. The study will last 13 months plus 1 year of follow-up and will be and controlled by a committee of experts worldwide. This study is carried out in Europe (Spain, Germany and Belgium) and Latin America (Peru, Colombia, Panama, Mexico and Argentina among others) ”.

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